Servotec USA, LLC is dedicated to the remanufacture and service of the V&O mechanical stamping press line of OBI Air Clutch Presses, 25 thru 60 tons, and notching presses for motor lamination production. This includes the design and manufacture of machine tools to meet the manufacturing and maintenance requirements of our customers. Servotec USA, LLC has a complete line of products and services for motor lamination, ammunition and similar work piece production. This product line includes complete remanufacture of existing obi presses from 5 to 60 ton. Design and manufacture of direct drive servo notching systems, as well as automated feeder systems.
We also supply parts and service for V&O Presses from 5 to 150 ton. All equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled at the Servotec USA, LLC facility in Hudson to assure the highest level of commitment to quality. Installation supervision, start-up assistance, operation and maintenance training, after-sales-service and spare parts are furnished by Servotec USA,
LLC to customers worldwide.